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These are brief interviews with some Game Maker creators in 2003-2005.

Ablach RK-1 Canada 2003.11
Alf Fly Numpty UK 2003.11
Baby Bonnie Hood Macky & Pentell Philippines 2003.11
Ben Briggs Ed the Explorer UK 2003.12
BrainWave Little Red Ball USA 2003.11
CapnChubby Cubed USA 2003.11
Carl Gustafsson Beginner's Guide Sweden 2003.11
Chronic Don't Touch White UK 2004.01
clysm seiklus USA 2004.01
CoolMoose13 RunMan Unlimited USA 2004.01
Correojon Magical Drop GM Basque Country 2004.02
Damaged Hard Hat USA 2003.11
Darthlupi Mage Craft USA 2003.11
Dex Dex series USA 2003.11
Dorfsquest Dorf's Quest USA 2003.11
DrVoodoo One-script games Luxembourg 2003.11
EricDB Bugworld USA 2004.01
FGFK Meta Files USA 2003.11
FooDude The Magic Moustache Canada 2005.04
Grashaboras Death Dungeon UK 2003.11
Him Helicopter Cacophony II Canada 2003.11
Himasf Chrissy USA 2004.01
Jass Interactive Randolf the Reindeer Australia 2004.01
Jazzuo Sexy Hiking Czech Republic 2004.01
Jph LockOn Canada 2003.11
Karel Pool Medieval Clash Estonia 2003.11
Lackey FlapFlapFlap Canada 2004.11
Mandelbrotjulia Hypercube USA 2003.11
Messhof Wally USA 2003.11
Mixahman Megaman Paradise USA 2003.11
Mocha Man Cosgrove series USA 2003.11
Mossy Rock Toubou USA 2003.11
Mr. Chubigans Ore No Ryomi USA 2004.02
Oddwarg Destroyermech Norway 2004.06
poetkathi KaRP Breakout USA 2003.11
Pug Fugly Ambush in Sector 9 Wales 2005.01
Rabidbolweevil Destruere Pizzicato USA 2005.05
RED Super Snake Netherlands 2003.11
r1ck14 Metroid Redemption USA 2003.11
Scream681 The Ultimate Chuchu Greece 2004.01
Shawn64 Jetz series USA 2003.11
Simon Donkers Bacteria Netherlands 2004.01
Smarty jbfmod.dll Netherlands 2003.11
Snailfox Space Oddity UK 2003.11
Sparlatacus Lawnmover Massacre Norway 2003.12
Stenners Operation Genesis UK 2003.12
TaurusMedia Megabot Canada 2003.11
TheAnemic Outbreak Australia 2004.01
Tyler Wright Mnomen USA 2004.01
Urisoft Battle Bees Israel 2003.11
YoMamasMama Stickman Escape Canada 2004.01
Yourself Quasar USA 2003.11

Total: 52

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