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Game Maker Profile:
Name Andrew Barber
Born 1980
Home England
E-mail chronic_667 @ hotmail.com
When and how did you discover Game Maker?
I often buy a magazines that just have PC utilities on them, they cover all catagories like graphics to programming, This is where i found Game Maker version 3.3 and quickly installed it. After around 30 minutes of stumbling around the interface i went online and found the website. The site said that Game Maker 4.0 was out soon, the interface looked alot more appealing to me. I then found the forum, and then the chat.
Have you used any other game creation programs?
Yes, i've used ZZT, Adventure Game Maker, RPG Maker 2000 and some others i forget the name of. Didn't do much with ZZT or AGM, never released anything i made with RM2K except for beginners tutorials.
What games or other projects have you made with (or for) Game Maker?
The games i've made can be found on my website, along with the tutorials and other things i've made. Somethings i've made have not been released, just passed to people i know. I might make these public in the future.
What are your favorite Game Maker games?
I don't often play games, most of the time i just beta test for a few friends (mainly wiiseguy)

Wiiseguy - Sneak N Destroy, Gravo, Mario with a Twist.
Tapeworm - Seiklus.

There are probley more, but them are the ones that spring to mind.
What are your favorite games NOT made with Game Maker?
Secret of Mana, SNES
Seiken Densetsu 3, SNES
Legend of Mana, PlayStation
Sword of Mana, GBA (yes, i'm a fan of the series)
Star Ocean, SNES
Tales of Phantasia, SNES
Super Mario Kart, SNES
Super Mario Kart 64, Nintendo 64
Super Mario Kart Double Dash, Game Cube
Super Mario World, SNES
Super Mario RPG, SNES
Super Mario Sunshine, Game Cube
Paper Mario, Nintendo 64
Super Metroid, SNES
Time Splitters 2, Game Cube
Resident Evil 0-3, Game Cube
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-3, PlayStaion
Tony Hawk's Underground, Game Cube
Castlevania (all), various
Zelda (all), various
Sonic (all), various
Pikmin, Game Cube
Super Smash Bros Melee, Game Cube
Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II, Game Cube
Crash Bandicoot 1-3, Playstation
Crash Team Racing, Playstation

erm.. i've got alot more to list, i've not even started thinking about PC games yet, but i think i should end the list here
What advice would you give new Game Maker users or those who would like to improve?
- Read the help file and test out things you aren't sure about.
- Save and keep your work some place to look back on later when you are more experenced. At this point you might be able to improve your work, this is great practice.
- Try to make any scripts you make generic and flexible.
- Share your scripts for others to learn from, sometimes the help file can be a little intimidating because of the amount there is to read.
- Read the forum and try to make examples for people, this is helping them, aswell as giving you more experience, again, keep this work for later use.
What elements of a game are most important to you and why?
A solid story is always the important part of a game. Graphics are more of a way to help set the feel of a game. Good playability and replay value, example you could encounter an unopenable door, and once you've completed the game, you get the key to that door.
Why do you make games? What is your primary inspiration, motivation, or both?
I've always been interesting in programming from a very early age, but never really took an active part in it until i left college. My inspiration could come from anywhere, it really depends on what i'm programming. Motivation.. hah, i have none, i RARELY finish things i start unless its a really short project.
Do you have other artistic pursuits other than game development? If so, what?
I like to make things, an example would be a little tank i made out of two match boxes.. some people don't beleave i never followed any plans. A Picture of it can be found on my site.
Any other comments?

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