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Game Maker Profile:
Name David Marino
Born 1989
Home Canada
E-mail foobound @ gmail.com
When and how did you discover Game Maker?
I was originailly looking for an RPG maker, i think it was.... 2-3 years ago mabey. I stumbled accross gamemaker completely by accident, at first i was all like, "sweet!" but then i realized how difficult it was to get into, at the time I had no coding experience whatsoever, the most i did in creating things on the computer was very basic HTML and text files.
Have you used any other game creation programs?
I used RPGmaker 2000 for awhile, and when i say awhile, i mean 1 month. it limited my creativity too much and i diddnt like the Uber small resolution that it gave.
What games or other projects have you made with (or for) Game Maker?
I made, (in order of appearance):

Cancer Attack
Virus Attack
The Magic Mousetache

All of theese games can be downloaded on my website, I have also been working on tons of other games but i keep on stop production on them because i keep on loosing intrest ><
What are your favorite Game Maker games?
Infection (Shawn64)
Seiklus (Tapeworm)
Cosgrooves Air Escape (Mocha Man)
Cave Of Monsters (guzu)
Raging Skies (Darthlupi)
What are your favorite games NOT made with Game Maker?
Metroid Prime 2
Tales of Symphonia
What advice would you give new Game Maker users or those who would like to improve?
Gamemaker at first is a scary confusing program of death, keep on trying, you'll understand it in a year or so :P
What elements of a game are most important to you and why?
Firstly, Gameplay-- This is what makes a game a game, its what determines if its fun or not. nuff said.

Secondly, Plot-- A game dosent nessicairly need a plot, but if a game auctually has a good plot, it'll leave you awe-struck.

Thirdly, Graphics-- You can't deny it... theres a deep dark side of all of us that lusts for the sacred thing.
Why do you make games? What is your primary inspiration, motivation, or both?
I make games when i have an idea and want to put it out, I like to think about plot moreso than gameplay sometimes, i had to give up one game i was making becuase it had too much plot.

The main points of inspitation for my games has got to be: Megaman, Lord of the rings, and rpg's in general.

Usally ideas for my games pop just out of the blue, but the gameplay i base off diffrent games *cough cough* megaman *cough*
Do you have other artistic pursuits other than game development? If so, what?
Yeah, writing, drawing, and the biggest at the moment is flashwork! [www.foodude.deviantart.com]
Any other comments?
I've tried for months to get certain games finished only to loose intrest!!! curse this 3 month attention span!!! Just because i only have a 3 month attention span dosent nessicairly mean that I

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