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Game Maker Profile:
Name Shawn Noel
Home Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Web Shawn64's Creations
I wrote some thoughts about Shawn64 and his games in April 2008, which you can find here.

-- cly5m
When and how did you discover Game Maker?
I was bored so I searched for Game Maker on download.com and guess what appeared.
Have you used any other game creation programs?
I have used 3D Game Studio which i won in a gamemaker contest. I can make a few 3D models with it but the script looks really confusing =O
What games or other projects have you made with (or for) Game Maker?
All the ones on http://shawn64.com (a bunch!)
Jetz Fusion
Jetz Rampage 2
Jetz Rampage
Galaxy Arcade
Galaxy Arcade 2
Ski-Racer 2
Bounty Hunter SX
Missile Wave 2
Missile Wave 3D
GM Hoops
Cookie Buster
Bubble Gum
Shawn Vs. Jerred
Firework Maker

What are your favorite Game Maker games?
I've never really played a gamemaker game long enough to get into it. I play them long enough to get ideas and see what my competition is like hahahaha.
What are your favorite games NOT made with Game Maker?
Re-volt was the coolest PC game ever. I used to make tons of tracks for that game until I found gamemaker. I have all the main nintendo games like Metroid Prime and Zelda: Wind Waker. Those are really cool games. Right now I am playing Viewtiful Joe! Love this game also.
What advice would you give new Game Maker users or those who would like to improve?
I think making a large group of mini games and then later expanding on one of the smaller ideas is a good way to go. Notice how alot of my sequals come from the Galaxy Arcade series.
What elements of a game are most important to you and why?
Well the game better capture my interest quick or I end up closing it. Original ideas help hold my interest.
Why do you make games? What is your primary inspiration, motivation, or both?
Comments from previous games keep me making them and I have nothing else to do. Oh yeah, and making games is fun! (until your halfway done and making levels!)
Do you have other artistic pursuits other than game development? If so, what?
Yeah, I'm a good drawer. I've won a few school art contests. I don't have a scanner though to show my drawings.
Any other comments?

Shawn64 in 2005

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