A page dedicated to Game Maker by Mark Overmars
Game Maker Profile:
Born 1988
Home Canada
When and how did you discover Game Maker?
I think I found Game Maker one day back in 1999. Google found it for me while searching for a game creation tool. I still have the manual printed out from back then.
What games or other projects have you made with (or for) Game Maker?
I have never really finished a project. Not one made just by myself anyways. I helped Mr.Chubigans create graphics for "Explodin' Crapola: Helicopter Cacophony II".
What are your favorite Game Maker games?
Hmm... I don't play many Game Maker games. But from the ones I have played, I'd have to say:
- Wally (by messhof),
- Ore No Ryomi (by Mr.Chubigans), and of course,
- Explodin' Crapola: Helicopter Cacophony II (by the extremely handsome Mr.Chubigans and the incredibly sexually-arousing Him).
I've probably forgotten other classics, so please forgive me!
What are your favorite games NOT made with Game Maker?
Well, I'll give you a bit of a list:
- Battlefield 1942 (PC)
- Mario Party series (N64/GCN)
- Goldeneye (N64)
- Super Mario RPG (SNES)
- Final Fantasy 3/6 (SNES)
- Toejam & Earl (SEGA)
- Toejam & Earl 2: Panic in Funk-o-tron (SEGA)
I've probably forgotten a bunch of these too, but oh well.
What advice would you give new Game Maker users or those who would like to improve?
I know you will all just laugh and point fingers, but READING the MANUAL seriously helps. If you still don't understand how a function works, don't be afraid to ask on the forums (make sure you SEARCH for it first).

But for those of you who already know a bunch about Game Maker, gathering tutorials/examples and figuring out how they work helps you find new ways to do things, or even tips and tricks on others.
What elements of a game are most important to you and why?
I like to keep a balance, if possible. Otherwise, make sure the gameplay feels solid. If the controls are loose, or the player gets stuck or jitters against walls and such, work on improving that. If the gameplay is good, the player will feel as though they are really interacting with things on-screen.
Why do you make games? What is your primary inspiration, motivation, or both?
I just always thought it would be neat to create a program or a game, but I didn't want to have to learn all the really complicating stuff like C or C++ just yet. So, I like being creative, I guess.
Do you have other artistic pursuits other than game development? If so, what?
Drawing and a little guitar (I don't think I'm that great at it). I made a few logos for DT (Dragon Script Lite, the old InvisionBoard forum logo). I used to have a website up with my art, but I could never find a good host. My computer once had my site run off it with Apache, but the hard drive went funky and starting crying so I had to reformat and partition off a chunk... and I hadn't really drawn much since then, so I never put the site back up. My guitar-ing is not nearly as interesting.
Any other comments?
Keep practicing and make some games!

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