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Game Maker Profile:
Alias Kimberly Kubus, BedMonster, Boogieman, SecretVacuumCleaner
Born 1986
Home Norway
I wrote some thoughts about Sparlatacus and his games in April 2017, which you can find here.

-- cly5m
When and how did you discover Game Maker?
I can't remember. I think I searched on Google or something.
Have you used any other game creation programs?
I have used Klik & Play, Games Factory, Game Maker, Python, DarkBasic, Blitz Basic, Visual Basic, QBASIC, Liberty Basic, C++, and many others.
What games or other projects have you made with (or for) Game Maker?
I have made nearly 30 apps and games (mostly games) with various applications, most of them with Game Maker. I'm getting a domain for them and hosting it on my own server since all the stuff is over 90 megs. I plan to get it up on x-mas eve or before. You can check www.kubusmannen.com, I will put the link up there when the site is finished.

Friday the 13th 2
What are your favorite Game Maker games?
My own.
What are your favorite games NOT made with Game Maker?
Old Games and Commodore 64 games.
What advice would you give new Game Maker users or those who would like to improve?
Do what you want to!!!
What elements of a game are most important to you and why?
Lifespan, because I like to play it again and again.
Why do you make games? What is your primary inspiration, motivation, or both?
I make games because it's fun!
Do you have other artistic pursuits other than game development? If so, what?
Music, it used to be on www.kubusmannen.com, but they ain't there anymore.

A drawing by Sparlatacus
The Game Maker Song (MP3, ~5.3MB)

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