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Boson Comics and Waverly Films

Years ago, I came across an unassuming but clever comic strip on the Web called “Boson” by an artist named Christopher Ford. Each strip was a stick drawing, and most were on lined paper.

The site featuring the comics,, disappeared around 2008 as the artist went on to do other things. That site can now be found only at, but these are some sample strips:

Ford later created a Web comic called “The Lonely Infermo” and published two physical books titled “Stickman Odyssey.” (I was not aware of these books until writing this and am curious to see what they are like.)

I don’t remember whether it was before or after I came across the comic strip that I also discovered “Waverly Films.” Ford and others created a series of short comedy videos.

A few examples:

Warning: This one includes brief strong language (but is probably my favorite):


Lasagna Cat

Lasagna Cat is a series of (very) short films by a group called Fatal Farm. Each includes a live action enactment of a Garfield comic, followed by a music video featuring a well-known song.

These are a few of my favorites, but they are all worth seeing.




Some behind-the-scenes photos: