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MilkDrop Music Visualizer

If you’ve used WinAmp to play digital music files at some point, you may be familiar with the MilkDrop visualizer that was packaged with it. MilkDrop was always impressive, but other developers have taken it to new heights in recent years.

MilkDrop3 is still in active development as of this writing, and takes full advantage of modern computers. Although I still use WinAmp, that’s not required for this version. It’s an independent application that detects any music your computer is playing, even in a Web browser.

I’ve included a couple sample screenshots here but they really aren’t representative of what MilkDrop3 is like in motion. It initially opens in a window but you can press Alt + Enter to make it full screen and then Alt + Shift to spread it across multiple monitors if you have them.

You can get MilkDrop3 here:

On the GitHub page:

  1. Click MilkDrop #.## under Releases in the right pane.
  2. Click MilkDrop3.exe in the file list.
  3. Run MilkDrop.exe after it downloads to extract it wherever you want.