Ludovico Einaudi

Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi has released several albums of piano and orchestral music, sometimes including synthesized sounds as well. Of his albums I’m familiar with (the most recent four), I think my favorite is Divenire.

Here are a few of his songs (YouTube links), starting with the first one that I ever heard:

These are his four latest albums, as of this writing:

  • Una Mattina (2004; piano and cello)
  • Divenire (2007; piano and strings)
  • Nightbook (2009; piano and electronic)
  • In a Time Lapse (2013; piano and electronic)

If you like Einaudi, you might also like the album Quarto Tempo by Roberto Cacciapaglia. Here’s a song from that one (YouTube link):


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  1. Perusing your perusables here as I do every year or so and gave this a listen. I enjoyed it! Especially L’origine Nascosta. I used to play a lot of piano and this is the sort of music I enjoyed most, so thanks for the recommendation. I hope you’ve been finding some time for art in your life. Thank you for Seiklus. It made a big impact upon me :)


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