The Music of Tomáš Dvořák (Floex)

When I played Machinarium, I was impressed by many aspects of the game. One of those aspects was the soundtrack. The song “Clockwise Operetta” especially stood out to me the first time I heard it.

You can listen to the game’s soundtrack here, and you can download some additional music from the game for free here. (My favorite song from the bonus EP is “By the Wall.”)

When I went looking for more music by Tomáš Dvořák, the Czech composer of the Machinarium soundtrack, I found his 2001 album Pocustone. I was happy to discover that it is just as good as the music in Machinarium (and in fact, it was the reason Amanita Design asked him to work on Machinarium).

Dvořák released another Floex album called Zorya ten years later in 2011. It is also excellent. You can download the song “Casanova” from it for free here.

From an interview with Gamikia:

My studio it is really laboratory with different components what I am trying to mix up together. I am originally clarinetist so this is my main acoustic instrument. However you can also find piano, metalophones, pianet, kalimba, melodica, acordeon, shakuhachi and several other instruments in my studio. And then there is computer, synths, effects – sound design and mix is maybe 70% of the time I spent over the song when I work on it.


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  1. Thank you for bringing this talented artist to my attention. This soundtrack is so creative and immersive…


  2. Floex rulez! :)
    Btw, if you liked “Clockwise Operetta”, you should check Wendy Carlos’ score to Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”. That is, if you haven’t already. ;)


  3. I’m a fan of Wendy Carlos. I was hoping she’d do the soundtrack to the 2010 Tron film. In the end, I didn’t like the film but I did like the soundtrack even though it wasn’t her work.


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