Updated 2007.10.08

Video Game Creation

One of the few things I enjoy more than playing video games is creating them. I've done so on various platforms over the years.

These are some of the programs I've used to create games. I've created separate pages for most of these--many pages, in some cases.

  Gary Kitchen's GameMaker  (Commodore 64, Activision) *

  RSD Game-Maker  (PC-DOS, Recreational Software Designs)

  ZZT  (PC-DOS, Epic MegaGames)

  MegaZeux  (PC-DOS, Software Visions)

  Game Maker  (PC-Windows, Mark Overmars)
You can find a list of some free independent video games that I recommend here.

* I don't have a page about this one--I lost everything I did with it to disk corruption long ago. But you can find a good page about it here.