Updated 2023.01.20

RoX is a 2001 freeware Windows game created by Ilya and Dmitriy Safro. It's similar to my Commodore 64 favorite Boulder Dash but with stylish modern graphics and music.

I created this page because when I discovered RoX, I could find no information about it or custom level sets. The official Safrosoft site was gone.

RoX Screenshot

Thresher  Download RoX

The latest version of RoX is 1.4.
rox_1_4_setup.zip  (11 MB)
If you attempt to run RoX on any version of Windows beyond XP, you will likely encounter errors because you are missing three DLL files:


To solve this problem, I followed the instructions on this page (related to a different game). The page provides download links for the DLL files (which are included with Windows XP). Do this at your own risk, but it worked for me.

Alternatively, RoX fan Max modified the installer to include everything you need. Use this at your own risk, but I tested it successfully.
rox_1_4_1_setup.zip  (12 MB)

Another alternative is OxRox, a RoX remake that you can find a link to at the bottom of this page.

Thresher  RoX Levels

RoX includes an editor that lets you create your own level collections when you're finished or frustrated with the 69 pack-in levels. To play a collection created by someone else, simply extract the CLVL file into your RoX\Levels folder.

These are some newer level sets that were not on the old official Safrosoft site. I created one collection and the rest were sent to me by others since I created this page.
100_in_1.zip100 in 1  by Michaelis, Schinmeyer, and Lienau
60_niveles.zip60 Niveles  by Chema  
alain.zipAlain  by Asel Ool
annie.zipAnnie and Xmas 2003  by Annie
barton_michaelis.zipBillig, Blabla, and Brot  by Barton and Michaelis
boulder_dash_levels.zipBoulder Dash Levels  by Korak Gomanji (67 levels based on the Boulder Dash games)
daavssuck.zipDaAvsSuck  by Jeff
echnik2.zipFast and Marathon  by Echnik
excessive_content.zipExcessive Content  by Benjamin Smith
julia.zipJulia  by Julia Hruska
kindly_removed.zipKindly Removed  by David Kulle
mammoth.zipMammoth  by Milan Barták
matts.zipMatts 2  by M. Pettersson
michaelis.zipWahnsinn and Six Possibilities  by David Michaelis
mystic_rooms.zipMystic Rooms  by Rado Negundo and Kiras
the_narrow_place.zipThe Narrow Place  by Tasos
parnell.zipDerek and Target Zone  by Derek Parnell
smashing_13.zipSmashing 13  by clysm (I made this one)
spiderstein.zipCastle Spiderstein  by Mr. Quackers
units.zipUnits  by Volker
zelda.zipZelda  by Dominik Walter

This is a level pack that was once available on the Safrosoft site. This includes all of the levels listed below this sentence (and many more) but none of the levels listed above.
rox_addon_levels.zip  (1MB)
Here are some of the level collections from the above pack:
ammon.zipThe Sky Is Falling  by Ammon
arc.zipAdventures 1 and 2
bomber.zipFast Reactions 1 and 2
boris.zipMonisworld  by Boris
chao_thing.zipBox o' Ease and Crate o' Difficulty 1 and 2
charlie.zipBox of Apples, Box of Bannanas, and Box of Peaches  by Charlie Davies
chris.zipThe Gnats  by Chris
cosimo87.zipSpecial Level 1 and 2  by Cosimo87
cyrille.zipGo! and Small Levels 1  by Cyrille
dono.zipDono Medium, Hard, Extreme, and Mini  by Dono
echnik.zipAalglatt, Ein Maerchen, Frischauf, King Lui 130, Nur Buchstaben, and Nur Zahlen  by Echnik
evc.zipLimited I
frensygt.zipMariannocchia 2-6  by Mariannocchia
grafit_bt.zipSzappanos G. Hun
james.zipAddedcheese 1-9 and Rainbow  by Chezzjames
jamie.zipSubconscious  by Jamie Adams
jason.zipIshKaBibble and Sambuka  by Jason
kylz.zipPlanet of the Bugs, Reincarnate the Dead, and Training Data Base  by Kylz
mirjam.zipMIP I and II  by Mirjam
octapolis.zipOctapolis  by Octapolis
parousia.zipLords, Knights, ToughGuys, and The Basics  by Kyp
reiner.zipHarder Than Ever and Jor  by Reiner
robert.zipCheck Your Rox Level, Fruits, Rocks and Unids, The War, and World's Easiest Levels  by Robert Jajszczok
suraj_pabari.zipDeath Collection I and II  by Suraj Pabari
teresa.zipLittle Collection 1 and 2, Xambow 1 and 2
week.zipThe Week of Thresher
worldofchaos.zipWorldOfChaos 1-4

Thresher  RoX Help

Level 57

Opinions differ over whether level 57 ("Omega") is possible. Here are three solutions by RoX fans:

On the main menu, press and hold Esc and Space when you select Play. This (temporarily) unlocks all the levels in a collection.

Thresher  RoX Music

You can put MP3 files into your RoX\Music folder to have them play in the game.

A 2002 Safro data-and-music CD was available on MP3.com before that site became something else. This music is mostly what you hear in the game, but more deliberately structured.

I like this music, and I've received permission to distribute it. These tracks are encoded at 128 kbps, unfortunately, but I guess we considered that good enough back then.
Safro - Blizzard.mp3  (5 MB)
Safro - Dreamscape.mp3  (5 MB)
Safro - Euphoria.mp3  (4 MB)
Safro - Gifted [Bass Overload].mp3  (6 MB)
Safro - Heartbeat [Remix].mp3  (5 MB)
Safro - Pyxis.mp3  (5 MB)
Safro - Smooth [Soft Mix].mp3  (4 MB)
Safro - Trance Aura.mp3  (4 MB)
Safro - Tranze [Remix].mp3  (4 MB)
Safro - Velocity.mp3  (6 MB)
Safro - Virus.mp3  (4 MB)

Thresher  RoX News

There have been hints over the years of more from the creators of RoX.
Thresher  RoX Links
On another page, I recommend additional freeware games.