Animals in 2021

These are some animal photos that I took in 2021.
A frog on my doorframe.

A frog at Clark Creek in MS.

Ducks at a park near Houston, TX.

A spider that caught an ant.

This dog's neighborhood was hit by a powerful storm.

A fuzzy caterpillar on a walkway in New Orleans, LA.

A lizard outside a greenhouse in New Orleans, LA.

A bird at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, UT.

A blue-crowned motmot at the National Aquarium.

A brown caterpillar in a friend's back yard in MD.

A rabbit in that same yard.

A rabbit on a bike trail in UT.

My brother's pet chicken.

A yellow inchworm in Port Hudson, LA.

My pet cat Metroid the day before he died, close to his 20th birthday.

My pet cat Sophie taking a nap on my desk.

I caught and adopted this kitten that was born under a broken car in my neighborhood. A coworker suggested that I name him Cinder.

Other neighborhood kittens.

My lemon pig from New Year's Eve 2020 late in 2021.

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