Animals in 2020

I didn't go many places in 2020, but I didn't need to go anywhere for these photos.
A very small monarch caterpillar. Coin included for scale.

This snake was right outside my back door one morning.

A visiting butterfly.

Aphids on the lettuce.

A bug in my kitchen.

A garden spider.

An assassin bug.

A bee in the flowers that I planted.

Another bee in my flowers.

A mantis on my tire.

A monarch caterpillar on my milkweed plant.

My pet cats were investigating a scratching noise behind a piece of furniture one night. Eventually, this bat emerged and began to silently circle the room.

My pet cat Metroid lying in the sun.

My pet cat Sophie in the garden.

A "lemon pig" that I made for New Year's Eve.

Sophie with the lemon pig.

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