India 2013

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Matheran is a mountainous area between Mumbai and Pune. Monkeys live there.

The machines in these shops were not the type of vedio games that I'm accustomed to, though they did use sounds from Pac-Man.

While inside the shops and restaurants, you frequently hear monkeys jumping on the rooftops.

Motor vehicles are not allowed beyond a certain point, but there are horses for rent. Some of them have amusing names. (This one's name was not inherently amusing, but it became the subject of a joke for my fellow hikers.)

Many trees are painted this way in India. I don't know whether it's so that people won't cut them down, so that drivers will see them (makes sense only for those along the road), or to keep away harmful insects.

These machines are often by the side of the road. The bells on them ring as they grind sugar cane to make the drink that the vendors sell.

If the monkeys see or hear any sort of food wrapper, they become excited (and aggressive). I was curious to see this, so I pulled out a granola bar. They immediately began to growl and circle. You can see part of my granola bar in this mother's mouth. Later, I also saw a monkey jump up and grab an ice cream cone from a young boy.

Matheran's trails are red and dusty.

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