India 2013

Mumbai and Pune   |    Matheran   |    Amsterdam
I got in trouble for taking this photo. One of the hotel's security policies after the 2008 Mumbai attacks is that no external photos are permitted unless they include friends or family.

I saw this while we were removing our shoes to enter a temple. (Photography is not allowed in the inner areas of the temples.)

Walking up the steps to this temple was more tiring than the mountain hiking on the next page.

This is titled "Lord Ganesh Made of Vessels."

This is the ancient board game Pachisi, which Parcheesi and Ludo are based on.

These auto rickshaws were ubiquitous. I didn't get around to trying a ride in one.

The speck in the upper right is a kite.

I had intended to get some better shots of these decorated cargo trucks. Some of them are impressive, and nearly every one has "Horn OK Please" painted on the back.

As chaotic as the traffic seemed (lanes ignored and motorcycles and pedestrians everywhere), I saw far fewer accidents in India than I normally see at home.

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