These first three games are ones that I made. The rest are by other people.

download me Kudzu  by cly5m (1997) 23.3k (1999) 35.1k

In Kudzu, you find yourself in a strange place after an ill-fated parachute jump. There are two files here because I released two versions of this game--the original in 1997 and an extended version with a new ending in 1999. I wasn't entirely happy with the original ending, but I don't think that the new ending was an improvement. I'll leave the choice up to you.

download me Turmoil  by cly5m 51.7k

Turmoil was my second and longest ZZT offering. It involves the crew of the space station Plecostamus who, under the leadership of their onboard computer, Boris, have adventures in space.

download me Crunchy  by cly5m 22.9k

Crunchy was my first ZZT creation. In it, a former spy with amnesia is thrown into a conflict with no idea what's going on. Just as I had no idea what I was doing while making the game.

download me Burger Joint  by Madguy 53.5k

Burger Joint is a fast food restaurant simulation. The game consists of a series of puzzles involving Johnny, a new employee, and is one of the most humorous ZZT titles that I know of.

download me Escape From Planet Red  
by Barney9651 17.2k

Escape From Planet Red is one of the first ZZT games I ever played, and it inspired me to try making games myself. It's the story of a lone survivor of a space ship crash. You can probably figure out the rest from the title.

download me Lebensraum  by Zenith 56.0k

Lebensraum is an action game patterned after Castle Wolfenstein. It seems to be sort of a hybrid of the original Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein 3D. If you like to roam corridors and shoot things, try this game.

download me Link's Adventure  by Rotaj Russell 116.7k

Link's Adventure is, of course, based on Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. These are older games that give you a long quest full of simple yet fun action. This ZIP file contains all three games in the series.

download me Llama Masters  by Scott Hammack 31.3k

Llama Masters involves a team of some sort that travels to different places to defeat large enemies and report back to their leader, just to be sent out again. Lots of strange dialogue and some clever ideas, not to mention a salad. If it's not obvious, Llama Masters 2 was my inspiration for Turmoil. This ZIP file contains both Llama Masters games.

download me Merbotia  by Sonic256 23.8k

Merbotia is one of the first games I found that inspired me to try making my own.

download me Pop  by Tucan 56.3k

Pop is a unique game full of surreal settings and colorful artwork. It makes reference to one of my games, Kudzu, but that's not why I include it here. It's an excellent ZZT world by any standard.

download me Nightmare  by Barjesse 44.6k

Nightmare is a fun game with some pretty clever puzzles.

download me Warlord's Temple  by Matt Williams 54.8k

Warlord's Temple is a short fantasy adventure game by the creator of coolness (71.8k). It features impressive techniques in graphics and programming, and is allegedly the final ZZT offering of spectrum12.

download me War-Torn  by Madguy 117.8k

War-Torn is an adventure game with RPG elements in a post-apocalyptic world. It has an interesting story and good cut-scenes. You might also like Nextgame 33 (101.76k), Madguy's unfinished but playable final game.

download me Winter  by Allison Parrish 38.8k

Winter is the story of a daydreamer in a world of contrasting landscapes. Myth uses symbols and sensory clues rather than text to help the player solve puzzles.

download me Zem  by Newt 28.7k

Zem is based on the 1991 Psygnosis game Lemmings. This ZIP file also contains Zem 2, which has an improved interface and various commands to choose from while helping Zem not to die.

Here are a few more games:  189.2k
Code Red 1-3 by Greg Janson  441.2k
Chrono Wars 1-13 by David Pinkston (chronos30)  18.0k
This Game Has No Point by Patrick Ewing  385.6k
Rhygar 1-3 by John Thornton (bongo79)

There are many other quality ZZT games, but I'm too lazy to add them now. If you want more, try Z2. They have just about all of them.