This is from the PG Games site in 2004. I've applied some formatting because I only had the content saved as plain text.

History of PG Games

Early Days

My interest in game making started when I got my hands on a program called Klik & Play (KNP). This was either in 2000 or 1999 I think, might even be before that. I made tons of games, all sadly which has been lost, with the exception of Armageddon Racers. I think the first games I ever created was 3 small ones that I put on a diskette. They were real bad, with a bunch of graphics taken from the default graphics library in KNP.

I have always been very fond of doing things myself, so it didnt take long before I did sound and graphics myself. I cannot remember all the games I made during these days, but I'll try.

Friday The 13th - An adventure game where you travelled from screen to screen exploring. It's very similar to the sequels, the game was rather short, though it was still fun. I'm not 100% sure which year this game was from, it could infact even be made in 2002, though I doubt it. This game was going to be remade in 2004, but the project got lost and I dropped it. I remember Friday The 13th had lots of blood and gore in it, with many corpses that laid spread in the levels.

BAN - A completely random and nonsense game featuring music made with my voice. This game was remade in 2003, though while the remake is good, it is different from the first one. To be honest, I dont evene think I did finish the original, thougb I cannot remember much, not even how the monsters looked and how the music sounded.

Project BGV - This one was real good. Having over 50 frames in KNP and a 6 megabyte audio file, it was groovy. I originally had to delete the sound file, because I had to move the game over to a diskette, so I was for a long time planning to do the sound again, but never got a chance and soon I lost the game. It had a somewhat cheap soundless remake in 2004, the remake is close to the original, very much. Though it still misses many things. In the original, I remember the Slaughterhouse Mission was near impossible to get through and I never managed to complete it and the original had an extra episode called Bonus Episodes. Within this were two different small episodes, one called Gore Mission, this was a joke and the other one was a gigantic platform game where you had to sometimes find invisible platformes in the air and jump on them.

TLLP - The Long Lasting Pirate - This was a rather humerous mini game for two players where you had to compete against each other in a bunch of different competitions. These included sleeping where the first player to get tired and push his button lost the round. Other ones was Horror Movie Rental where you was presented a shack of VHS videos and you had to select the most grizzly one. There was around four more I think. I started to remake this game, but like Friday The 13th it was lost and dropped.

BGV 2 - This game was never finished. I remember I made one island and one after-island screen. The object of this BGV 2 was to catch Dr. Frank by running after him and he would jump into a time machine and you had to follow him. It had great graphics and animations, at lrast for my standards. The game had serious bugs and was dropped. I actually remember how I lost this one, I found a diskette one day with a bunch of my old games on it, I selected all of the games with my mouse and was going to click on copy. My mind must have been dizzy that day and I actually clicked on delete while I held down the shift button. I soon became aware of this after I had done it and rushed to click the cancel button, but it was too late. Damn!

DF: Death Fighter - Don't confuse this game with the other Death Fighter released in 2004, the only things these have in common is that they are both fighting games and feature three guys called Plant, Jack and Morr. Other than that they are totally different. Death Fighter was dropped some time before I lost it, the reason it was dropped was because I discovered KNP could simply not make a fighting game without removing nearly all the features. DF was beautiful to tell you the truth, the graphics and especially the animations I created for it is unbeaten even today. I must have worked at least a month of total graphic mayhem, creating animation after animation, it was so amazing. I remember it having a moon animation that looked quite real and I made a sky that appeared on the right and disappeared to the left. It had many fighters, including a guy with no arms, a plant, a mummy, a psychopatic lunatic with a chainsaw, a girl with knives, a ninja and maybe one or two other people. Each one had a fatality move called a death move (hence the game title Death Fighter) and three normal moves.

BotW - Battle of the Wicked - An RTS game. I discovered it wasn't possible to make this game in KNP after all, so I dropped it and redesigned the entire game in Game Maker a few years later. The game had many neat graphics. The game was dropped once more in either 2002 or 2003. It was later picked up in 2004 and given a serious work then dropped again and now it is lost.

Other games that were puked up from the gutter: A game me and a friend were playing around with which was called Bulldozer Massacre. I don't think the game ever got finished. I also created a game for my sister using the standard graphics library in KNP, both of these games was very early in my game making "career".


In 2002 I found a new game making program called Game Maker (GM), this had many new advantages. I quickly started my first GM game Friday The 13th 2, I learnt a lot from it and I had many severe problems getting the game to work. After about a month of hard work it was fianlly finished. I also started a game called Bombardment Wars (a tank war game), this game was and is still the hardest game I have ever made. I did all the graphics and the code and nothing worked, project was dropped. It was picked up again in 2003 and finished after an extreme amount of hard work.

In 2002 I started a new school and I met up with another person (Siege Delux), I introduced him to Game Maker and we started working on Kill The Dummies. After two days it was finished and for the first time I used the name PGG Games which later changed to PG Games. I was inspired to make the game after I had an incident with a book series called For Dummies, I had burrowed a bunch of them from the library and somehow I lost them. They were found sometime later all destroyed so I had to pay for them with my own money, hence the title KILL The Dummies. Me and Siege Delux only worked on a couple of games after that, most were never finished and got lost.

I wanted to make a platform game in GM so I created Johnny, a game that originally had a story, but I forgot to put it into the game when it was released. We also released a bunch of prank games this year I believe, can't remember which, I often confuse the years 2002 and 2003. Infact, it is also possible Johnny was released in 2003, though I doubt it.

The Golden Year

2003 was the year PG Games struck big. It saw the release of Johnny 2 and Lawnmover Massacre, two of my biggest "hits". I had more experience with Game Maker and could create better games with improved graphics. There has been so much work done this year.

There was a lot of prank games this year. Of the most playable is probarbly Black Screen which contains some hidden mini games and sequences. Siege Delux returned to co-make the cult classic The Nice Game which you can probarbly guess that the title is pure sarcasm, featuring zombies and monsters. Two sequels were eventually made, the second being total shit and not scary or bloody at all and the third full of bugs.

Many other serious games were released this year, including a remake of BAN and the sequel to Friday The 13th 2.

I should say a few word on a game I lost called Cabin Horror. Around this time Siege Delux and I was developing on a game of his where we would have real graphics and you could move a character through these places. It was real good, too bad we lost it. Well, I did the same thing, I created a game called Cabin Horror, I released a demo and it was going well. I had a copy of the game burnt on one of my backup CDs. I was going to this school in another town and I had that CD with me and somehow I lost the CD and therefore I had no copies of the game left. It's a shame, in Cabin Horror you could walk around my basement and solve weird puzzles. You could also use my computer and there was this hidden pong game on the computer!

Still Kickin'

Johnny got himself two sequels in 2004 and thanks to these, my other games also got attention, we are now up to a number of four games in the series and who knows how many we will end up with.

My skill has really developed through the years and it shows, it feels nice to know that I can open up GM or KNP and create anything I'd want to!

There has been many pranks this year too, infact it was a prank called Insane Shampoo Madness that got me this webdesign to begin with, too bad I lost the prank. The game was full of sleeping, glass breaking, burping and puking sounds and weird graphics.

2004 saw the release of Death Fighter, a remake of Project BGV, Smoflyx, Bed Monsters and others. And who knows, there might still be a few new games before the year ends. And as a bonus for reading this far into the biography, I'm giving you the hidden secrets in the game Smoflyx: At the main menu type PONG for a hidden game of PONG for two players, type CLOWNS at the main menu for a hidden clown game written in QBASIC and there was an ingame secret. I think you had to type KABUUZ while playing a level for a super powerful shot that even takes away the ground you stand on.