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Friday The 13th is an old Commodore 64 game where you travelled from screen to screen searching for Jason Vorhees. This game is based on the movie with the same name by Paramount Pictures Corporation. The game was developed with permission by Domark. This is the scariest game ever to see it's ugly face on Earth. There are two pictures in particular which is scary. They show up randomly when you enter a scene with a dead body. There is one where a man gets a knife in his forhead with blood running down. And the other is many skulls with blood on top that smiles in the scariest way there is. How scary these scenes are, is for most people impossible to predict. A must see experience. Each kill, intro and picture comes with a high pitched scream. The scream is so scary that you simply can't resist turning around in paranoia. The game itself is repetitive so you play it mostly for the scares. I remember once when I was a little boy. I was sitting in the old lobby room where the C64 was placed. The picture with the man showed up and I hurried upstairs and didn't wanna go back down 'cause the game was still on. I even tried to break the old tape, but even then the tape was still fully playable. Scary!? Any way feel free to share your opinions and download your own copy of the game. You can play it on your PC. If someone has a PC version (not the emulated version here) I will be honor your name if I could get a copy.
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