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The Hyundai Comboy is an interesting but little-known chapter of the Nintendo Entertainment System's history. Little information is available about it, especially in English. I would like to share with you what I know about the system.

The Hyundai Comboy

The Hyundai Comboy (현대 컴보이) is the licensed version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was distributed in South Korea by Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. (현대전자산업주식회사), now known as Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. The system seems to have been marketed from at least 1989 to 19921

Hyundai Comboy with games

Hyundai Comboy with games. Click for a larger version of the picture.


The Hyundai Comboy is an NTSC Nintendo Entertainment System, but uses the 3195A lockout chip. Games will not load on an unmodified US NES.

The cartridge lid reads "Hyundai Comboy" in Korean, and "Nintendo Entertainment System Korean Version" in English. Other than the labeling on the lid and the sticker on the bottom of the unit, the exterior appears to be identical to a US NES.

Game Releases

Comboy releases consist of North American releases with a 3195A lockout chip and changed labeling. Most game descriptions and manuals are translated into Korean.

The following games were released for the Comboy. There may be others out there, but this list is as good as I have figured out.

English Korean Number Front Back
Anticipation 영어낱말 알아맞추기 NES-AP-KOR Anticipation front Anticipation back
Balloon Fight 풍선싸움 NES-BF-KOR    

Blaster Master   NES-VM-KOR    
Bubble Bobble   NES-B2-KOR    
Castlevania 바니아 성 NES-CV-KOR    
Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest 바니아 성2: 싸이몬의 모험 NES-QU-KOR    
Cobra Triangle 코브라 트라이앵글  NES-CU-KOR    
Double Dribble 더블 드리블 NES-DW-KOR    
Faxanadu 훽사나두 NES-FX-KOR Faxanadu front Faxanadu back
Ghost'n Goblins 고스트 앤 고블린 NES-GG-KOR    
Goonies 2 구니스2 NES-GU-KOR    
Gun.Smoke 건 스모크

Hogan's Alley 호간스 앨리 NES-HA-KOR    
Ice Climber

Ice Hockey   NES-HY-KOR    
Kid Icarus
꼬마 이카루스

Knight Rider 나이트 라이더 NES-NR-KOR Knight Rider front  
Kung Fu   NES-SX-KOR    
Legend of Zelda   NES-ZL-KOR    
Life Force 라이프 포스 NES-LF-KOR Life Force front  
Megaman 3   NES-XU-KOR    
Metal Gear 메탈 기어 NES-ME-KOR Metal Gear front  
Metroid 메트로이 드 NES-MT-KOR    
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
펀치 아웃

Pinbot 핀보트 NES-IO-KOR Pinbot front  
Pro Wrestling   NES-PW-KOR    
R.C. Pro-Am 자동차 경주 NES-PM-KOR R.C. Pro-Am  
Rad Racer 래드레이 서 NES-RC-KOR    
Robo Warrior 로보용사 NES-RR-KOR    

Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt   NES-MH-KOR    
Super Mario Brothers 2 슈퍼 마리오 브라더스 2
Super Mario Brothers 3   NES-UM-KOR    
Superspike V-Ball 슈 퍼 스파이크 V볼 NES-VJ-KOR Superspike V-Ball front Superspike V-Ball back
Tetris 테트리스 NES-EI-KOR Tetris front Tetris back

To the Earth 지구를 향하여 NES-ZE-KOR    
Top Gun 탑 건 NES-TG-KOR    
Track and Field II   NES-F2-KOR    
Trojan 트로쟌 NES-TJ-KOR Trojan front Trojan back
Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link   NES-AL-KOR    

The Fate of the Comboy

The Comboy enjoyed some success. However, I believe it was doomed for failure before it was even released. I imagine that the market for home video game systems was already flooded with both legitimate and knockoff Family Computer systems. The 60-pin Famicom format, like in most areas of the world, was and is the most popular format for 8-bit Nintendo games in South Korea.

The Legacy of the Comboy

Most game store owners that I ask know are not familiar with the Hyundai Comboy. They usually think that I'm asking about the Super Comboy (Korean version of the Super Famicom). However, if I describe the system to them (front loading, huge cartridges), it usually jogs their memory. From a console standpoint, the Mega Drive and Super Famicom systems licensed for South Korea were much bigger successes in South Korea.

To Be Continued...

I will continue to add more information about the Comboy. If there is anything specific you would like to see, please let me know.

1. 세 피로스 got her first Comboy in 1989, and one of my Comboys was manufactured in February 1992. (Link is now dead)
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