sometime in 1996 . . .
I was at work, and a coworker was reminding me of a "thing" he wanted me to show up at the next night. suddenly, the lights went out. I thought we'd have to close everything down in the dark, but then realized that I wasn't closing that night. I was relieved because the store was a big mess. It was, in fact, time for me to go home. A coworker was giving me a ride home, after he finished working with a the computer. I was sitting on the counter, waiting, and was somewhere else at the same time. Several pen pals of mine were with me, and we were discussing various things. One of them mentioned that she had cut her shin that morning. I told her that I do that a lot and showed her that I had many scars on my legs.

It was time to leave work, and we walked through a small room to get out of the store. It seemed like some kind of high-tech security system; futuristic lights blinked on the walls.

when we arrived at my house, we had more people with us. We went inside and saw that it was 5:00 a.m. The house was a hybrid of the two I have lived in. Someone entered the bathroom but immediately came running back out, saying that someone was sleeping in there. I didn't believe it.

We sat in a bedroom with books and things spread all over. It seems we had found/bought all the stuff earlier that day. Some of it dealt with anime, and there were a few role-playing game books. I had a set of miniature gold statues. I saw a small note impaled on one of the figures, saying, We'll discuss this in the morning. I asked someone if they knew what it meant, and they replied that a man who was staying in this house for the night claimed we killed his baby. I though that was absurd.

Later that night, we were in the kitchen, and were startled to find a woman there. I knew she was the wife of the man who accused us of murder. she was smiling and talked with us but seemed to be making an effort not to be angry.

In the morning, the man was waiting when I walked out into the living room. People were setting up a Christmas tree, sticking other, smaller trees into the sides of it. I asked the man exactly why he thought we had killed his child. He explained that he had been drinking some kind of alcoholic drink and one of my friends had put a glass of water next to it on the table. He had intended to drink some of the water but instead he accidentally picked up his own glass. The baby had then choked on something, and stopped breathing. I asked him if he had tried CPR. He said no, and rushed into the next room to try it. He came back seconds later, saying the baby had breathed once and then stopped again. I told him he had to do it more than once, and try to dislodge whatever the baby was choking on. He felt stupid for not thinking of this.

Later, I was at some kind of indoor public event with families competing at various activities. There were queues of people everywhere, waiting for their results. I saw that a picture I had drawn was on a wall with "Honorable Mention" written above it. I walked down a hall past a large display of music-oriented posters. Several of my favorite bands were featured among them, and I picked them up and discovered that they were magazines and not posters.

Outside, people of all ages walked around a huge sandy playground. Playground equipment filled the area. I tried a mechanical bull but couldn't figure out how to stop it, so I jumped off while it was still in motion. On my way back to the building, I saw two very small fat Asian-looking babies hanging by their feet from metal rings. One of them fell directly on his head in the sand. The parents were alarmed and picked him up, not paying attention to the other one, who then also fell, landing on his face and sending out a spray of sand.
Alphabet Agent
In a Super Nintendo game that I had not played before, I was flying a small attack helicopter across a jungle lake. It was a first-person simulation. The red, orange, and yellow sunset contrasted against the green of the surrounding vegetation. As I began to notice various military vehicles along the shoreline, and the game became reality.

Leaving the game, I walked into the next room. Something very bad was about to happen, but I didn't know what. I ran into the room where my mother was working on something and informed her of the impending event. she told me to "dial 3 quickly."

I rushed down the hall and stopped at a side room in which a phone sat on a short table. I stepped into the room and noticed a short girl asleep in a bed by the table. Knowing that she wouldn't let me use the phone if she awoke, I quickly lifted her up and heaved her into the adjoining bathroom and then zipped the wall shut from floor to ceiling before she could react. I picked up the phone, but nothing came of that. As I was leaving the room, my mother walked by and scolded me for trapping the sleeping girl in the bathroom.

The scene changed to a grey kitchen, in which I and a group of other people were looking down a large rectangular opening in the floor. The hole was fenced off by waist-high bars. Metal paneling lined the walls of the hole and formed a long tunnel that narrowed as it curved, leading to a horizontal metal doorway far below. I tossed a fork over the edge and it slid quickly down the incline and disappeared into the blackness through the metal doorway.

I realized that I had to get to wherever the chute led to stop the aforementioned bad event from transpiring. One of the people in the kitchen, an old friend, peered over the edge and someone (possibly me) pushed him over the side. He slid down the chute and disappeared through the doorway. I yelled after him that I'd be there soon.

Later, someone was giving me lessons on how to access other worlds without having to use gateways like the one in the kitchen. I had to dive into the air, like into a pool, and think of a letter of the alphabet which corresponded to the place I wanted to end up.

I tried the letter M, which took me into a large office building full of elevators. I quietly searched the building, looking for anything suspicious. There was a shopping mall connected to the building.

Another letter took me back to my helicopter game, and another into a large underwater cavern like something in the movie "The Abyss." I jumped to many different places for practice, and at one point someone taught me that if I said a specific letter aloud while leaving a place, I would bring all the water from that world to my destination. This technique was illustrated by a scene with impressive special effects.

I began thinking about my "world diving" and, although I had done it many times, began to doubt that such a thing was possible. From that point on, I could then no longer do it. I really wanted to do it again, so I convinced myself I was still capable and therefore was again. I additionally learned how to adjust the frequency of my body to that of the particles in walls wherever I went, and thereby could walk through them.

I jumped to my high school and realized as I arrived that someone had been following me. I ran into the art room and sat down at a table with a couple of my friends and began drawing a picture.
The Bathtub
I was in a conference room at some kind of institution, maybe a school. A black couple were at the front of the crowded room, both wearing heavy makeup. They were speaking to the group, saying something like, "We don't want to have a child. We want to make him just like us." No one understood what they were talking about. At the end of their presentation, everyone left and I went straight to work.

Three other employees an I were closing the restaurant I worked at. A friend and I left early and were walking through a courtyard full of gargoyles, cathedrals and other gothic structures, when it started raining. I suddenly remembered we hadn't finished closing. I told my friend, and laughing, he said, "no, I guess not." I decided to go back.

crossing a street, I left the gothic area and stepped into a very bright, sunny park. there were people everywhere, gathered for some kind of group picnic. my family was on a blanket, eating. they were surprised to see me off work so early, and wanted me to stay. I told them that I had to go finish closing, and went on.

I reached the other side of the park and entered a complex of old, some abandoned, buildings. on the roof of one were several people in an old fashioned bathtub (the kind with legs) which had a helicopter propeller. the tub was filled with water. the passengers were having trouble starting it so I climbed up and showed them that if they only filled it halfway, it would be able to fly. a fat man at one end waited a moment, then pushed a button on a radio control he was holding and the tub started up.

back in the institution where I started, which was now definitely a church, the lady with lots of makeup was arguing with a basketball player (in full uniform). he was very angry. several people entered the room, smiling. I knew something bad was going to happen, so I ran away, down the hallway.

I saw a scene taking place elsewhere in the building, in which prison cells were opening and large men in stereotypical striped suits were pouring out, wielding various weapons.

I continued down the hallway, which began to weave strangely- taking vertical turns as well as horizontal. weapons were embedded in the walls- knives, spears, and razor sharp metal playing cards. taking a few of the cards from the floor, I walked into the central room of the church. a meeting in progress suddenly stopped as I entered, and everyone looked at me. I walked out, embarrassed.

down the hall was a very wide room with an incredibly high ceiling. there were a lot of things going on. one wall of the room held wall-to-wall shelves full of paper towels, napkins, and other supplies. people who may have been guards paced on the top shelf, a few feet below the high ceiling.

I started to climb the shelves, but succeeded only in pulling down a few packages and falling back to the floor. I crossed the room and found the bathtub/helicopter parked there. there was no water in it, but a couple of the passengers remained. I got in and we flew to the top shelf. the guards threw things at us to keep us away. consequently, we couldn't get close enough for me to get out, so we descended to the floor.

angrily, I ran and climbed again. Ignoring the objects thrown at me, I yanked anyone in reach off their perch as I climbed, throwing them to the floor below. At the top shelf, the remaining guards were shocked that I had made it as far as I did. I didn't have much trouble throwing them all off. I ran to one end of the shelf and discovered several telephones and answering machines, as well as a small bulletin board on the wall. I realized that this was a call in station for a newspaper's "help-line." On the bulletin board was a letter saying, "Thank you. You changed my life." The phone rang. I didn't want to answer it because I was afraid I'd give bad advice. An answering machine caught the call, and a woman's voice left a message, saying, "I really like your column."
Castle, Church, and Cat

I was roaming the halls in a church building. My foot was injured, so I wore only one shoe and walked with a limp. I was talking to different people.

At the same time, I was at home and lying on the floor under the table. I was having a conversation with our pet cat, Deideis. She related an adventure that I was having, exploring a dark maze-like castle made of blue brick. Events were actually occurring as she described them.

Simultaneously, I was playing a computer game of the same adventure, but the focus was on the real one. Various monsters were walking around, and would attack me. when they did, I defeated them easily. Whenever I engaged in combat, the scene changed from reality to my being behind a desk playing the game on the computer. When I killed something, I'd go back to actually being there.

I was still at church, and late for a class that I was supposed to be teaching. I had originally been going straight toward it, but one of the kids had to go to the bathroom so I was showing him where it was. I also got interested in the cat's story, so I stayed on the living room floor instead of getting up and teaching my class. A friend of mine was there at the church and went into my class to let them know I'd be late. The cat was suddenly distracted by something and walked away, so I got up off the floor and limped outside. instead of being outside the house, I was outside the church.

Someone I knew was out there, and we talked for a minute, then I went back into the church and back into the living room. Deideis was back, so I laid back down on the floor and asked her to continue. I noticed just then that she spoke without opening her mouth, yet aloud. She began talking and her voice faded out as the scene took me back into the castle. There were several other people with me. I was getting impatient, since I was so late for my class, so I ran towards the nearest door. I opened it, and quietly stepped into a corridor. suddenly, a huge insect-like creature with pincers about 20 feet long grabbed me and shoved me into its mouth before I could react. I was then behind the computer screen again, pressing the arrow keys, trying to get out of its mouth, but it was futile, and I died. on the screen I watched as every few seconds the monster would shake my limp body in its mouth.

One of the people in my exploration group in the game warned me that I can't rush into a room, or that sort of thing will happen.

The image on the screen melted away and I started my next video game life. We encountered a solid wall and we somehow knew we had to get through it. There was a secret way to pass and we were trying to discover it. Someone noticed that characters were written on several of the bricks, and we pushed one of the bricks out of place to reveal the way through. When we solved the puzzle, all of the monsters in the castle disappeared. We split up and ran down various corridors. There were glass vials lying around, which had healed us before, but now gave us a large bonus score.

I left the castle and the game a little before everyone else, and went to my class. My friend was there, and told me that they were all ready to answer any questions I had for them. I looked at a clock on the wall, and saw that only ten minutes remained of class. The kids looked at me, puzzled.

My Friend Fred

I was in a school auditorium, and we were watching a movie of a school play. Some people in a row behind me were talking about how they were surprised they'd show this at school. In the play, a girl at a podium was saying something, then pulled a lever and a cheerleader who was tied up behind her was pulled up very quickly into the rafters. There was a thud and I knew that she was dead.

Back in class, we were talking about the movie as the teacher walked in. She checked my homework right away. it was a workbook, and I had simply filled in random answers in the blanks. The teacher was very angry at this. a classmate named Fred didn't understand the work, and she was also angry at him.

In another scene, my dad was driving our family along a busy street. My sister saw something she liked along the side of the road and argued about it for a few seconds until dad said OK, you can get out and pick it up. Just when she reached the median, the light turned green and we began moving. She ran to catch up but couldn't, and we kept going. My dad couldn't find a place to pull over, and we kept going faster. Soon she was out of sight behind us. an arrow painted on the street pointing to a driveway had stenciled on it the words, "last chance," as in last chance to pull over, but we passed it up.

She was very far behind us now. finally, dad decided to u-turn and go against oncoming traffic to pull off the road at the "last chance." we pulled over and got out of the car. While we all stood there waiting for her to catch up, my dad said something like, "this helps us realize how much we care about each family member." I walked toward my sister and the others followed me.

We reached a strange place, sort of like a large school. there were cylindrical stone pillars all over, and very large stone buildings. There seemed to be a party going on. my brothers played with some very large ants (about a foot long and almost as tall) on a dirt ramp. My sister and I walked into a large building set up like a cathedral. The room was dark except for a yellow glow, and the ceiling was very high. there were rows of pews slanting up in various directions. there were people all over. She seemed to know a group of people there, and went over to talk to them. Everyone looked pretty mean, except a guy in the back, whom I recognized as "Fred" from class. He was listening to a big bulky cellular phone. it was quite loud, and I could hear what he was listening to: A conversation from the far side of a large room I had seen on the way in. It seemed the people were dealing in some kind of illegal merchandise, possibly drugs.

I somehow started talking to Fred, and he let me examine his phone. Someone I recognized from class walked up to us and started to say something. the whole crowd seemed to be gaining interest in something happening outside. Everyone moved toward an adjoining patio area, but I could not see past the crowd. The guy who had recently joined us, who I could sense didn't like me at all, explained that they had "found a Christian," and grinned. As he talked, he circled me, trying to find an excuse to fight with me.

I saw a guy come up over a hill quoting something from the Bible, and the crowd around him was planning to kill him. The scene ended with that.

I was a few blocks away from the school, and happened to see a friend's house. I had a few bags of candy with me that I didn't like which I had found at the party in the cathedral, and decided to give them to her instead of throwing them away. When she came to the door, I could see lots of people inside. she seemed to be having a party. I gave her the candy and left, as others inside were telling her to hurry up and come back inside.

Back in the cathedral, I was still playing with Fred's phone. Suddenly, Fred's parents were a few pews ahead of us. They turned around and started talking very nicely to Fred, asking why he wasn't off talking in one of the groups. A guy distracted them by saying he liked someone with the same name as me. it took me a few seconds to realize that he didn't mean me. The parents seemed very pleased with his announcement. All the while I was trying to keep the phone silent, so they wouldn't see that I had it.

Fred's parents turned back to him and asked him where the phone was. He knew I had it, but said he had lost it. they instantly became furious, and took him immediately home. He told them he had lost it partly so they wouldn't know that he let someone else see it, and partly because he feared what would happen to me if they caught me with it.

Fred's house stood alone on a hill of green grass. it was huge and luxurious, made of white stone. Fred had to go to a room in a round tower. His parents were apparently going to make him stay there for a long time. Before they locked him in, they said, with their eyes blazing, "now if anyone comes here, you're going to tell them that you wish you could go to school."

They left him, and his father stormed outside. Fred's little sister was playing outside with a Barbie doll and eating a cupcake. Her father grabbed her arm roughly and screamed, "You can't play on the Sabbath!" He took her doll and her cupcake, tore off the doll's head and legs, and smashed the cupcake onto it.

Just then, there was some kind of flash. The father slowly turned his head around and saw that the entire house was in flames. Everything was in slow motion, and the sky seemed to have become dark pink. The father ran up the huge stone stairway leading to the front door. As he grabbed the handrail to pull himself up faster, it looked as if his arm was stretching. I thought I heard it make a strange sound. Then his arms really began to extend up the handrail, still in slow motion. His face grew larger and turned blue, and his eyes disappeared as he yelled "no!" Skeletal wings burst out of his back.

Seven other monsters that resembled his new form descended from the sky around him, and a narrator began talking about the seven monsters, then said that it "may be 1007, each consisting of four parts."

The Gargoyle

It was night, and we had just arrived home from a family vacation, and we noticed that a few small insects or something were in the car. We threw them out onto the driveway, then entered the house.

In a flashback, we were at a large grocery store and everyone else was buying candy. I bought some bulk onion rings, a paper lunch bag full, since I didn't like candy.

Back at home, some of our family was watching a movie. We heard some banging around outside. Rowdy, our dog, wasn't barking, so I assumed it was him. Glancing out the window, we saw a shadow rush by that was much too large to be Rowdy.

We continued staring out the window to see if it would come into the flood light in the carport. it did. it was a huge gargoyle-like creature with spikes and everything. It looked toward us and then jumped out of the light. I suddenly wondered why Rowdy hadn't barked at it, Then I saw him walk slowly into the light. He looked all right but he wasn't using one of his hind legs.

My dad grabbed a rifle from somewhere in the back of the house (we don't actually have one), and we decided I should use it, since I was supposedly a pretty good shot, even if I had only fired a gun a few times. My dad and stepped outside by the cars. I motioned to Rowdy, and he frantically raced into the house. Closing the door, we advanced around one of the cars. My night vision was terrible with the house lights behind me. Suddenly, a monster lunged in front of us. for some reason, I wasn't scared at all. I calmly raised the gun and shot it three times in the chest. It backed into the darkness. We knew there were others as well.

At a neighbor's house, we were discussing our situation with a large family that we evidently knew quite well. I walked in to a room where several kids were watching cartoons, and gave them my onion rings. one small girl, whom I knew couldn't talk or hear, followed me out of the room.

Later, I was with a man I knew from church in a pickup truck. we were taking the small girl to some sort of hospital. The truck was one that the driver had borrowed from a friend. he was having trouble controlling the truck. Several time we almost crashed into other cars, and when we got to the hospital parking lot, we discovered that the truck had no brakes. I was in the passenger seat, and pulled the emergency brake. it did nothing so I pulled it again, This time straight vertical. he told me I was doing it wrong, and I said "No, look, it shouldn't have to be pulled nearly this far."

We simply circled until we lost our momentum. as we did, I looked through the glove box for something to use in our upcoming fight with the monsters. A gun was right in front, but the owner of the truck was a very dangerous person, so I didn't want to touch it. I was afraid he'd kill someone with it later and my fingerprints would be on it. The glove box extended very far back, and I found a strange device in the back that looked like a Styrofoam cup. When the truck finally stopped and we were walking toward the hospital, I tried talking into the cup, for some reason thinking this would do something. I said hello to to the girl, and to my surprise, she heard me. She turned around and smiled.

Once inside, we walked past many patients until we met with a doctor who told us something, then we left again.

Back at the other family's house, I was eating dinner. since I went to the hopital, everyone else had already eaten. a girl was saying something about me, and someone else was arguing against it. I tried to ignore them.

After I ate, we all went to a water park. It was now daylight outside. I brought along a book (The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams) because I thought the park might be boring. When we got there, it seemed the only ride was a fake river that flowed slowly in a circle. People rode tubes around. I decided to try this, bringing my book along with me. The girl who had been arguing about me tried it as well. I just read my book as we circled.

Suddenly, the water picked up. It began circling very quickly. everyone was quite surprised. It accelerated until it was at a 45 degree angle with the wall, and we tore again and again around the loop. My book got wet but I didn't care because it was so fun.

The water eventually slowed, and we got out. I couldn't find my shirt among all the clothes on a table on the shore. I finally found it on the ground, and put it back on, though it was dirty. the girl and I walked over to a bench and sat, waiting for everyone else, I guess. We talked about something. my book was soaked, and I couldn't even open it until it dried.

Back at the neighbor family's house, I was choosing weapons to go back up against the beast outside. it was night again. all I could find were kitchen knives. I took a long sharp one in one hand and a serrated one in the other. I went back home, hoping the monsters had left by now, but I saw one behind one of the cars. Holding my knives up defensively, I advanced on it.

It lunged at me, and I plunged the big knife into its throat. Its claws thrashed around me, but missed. I followed up with the serrated knife, sawing it into the monster's midsection, killing it.

A Realistic Game

I was in an English class on the top floor of a small two story wooden building on a hill. we were planning to play a large role-playing game.

A friend and I left and went to a college bookstore to see what role=playing game books they had. We found a display of really expensive things which we liked a lot. We were looking at various objects when two girls from class walked over to the display. Apparently, they knew my friend. we talked to them for a minute, then went somewhere to play video games.

Later, the game was starting. all the players (the english class, I guess) were spread all over a large area, and were supposed to kill each other.

Two girls were hypnotized into thinking they hadn't been born yet. they crawled through a narrow hedge tunnel, smashing eggs. I was following, and they were trying to show me something. An evil voice was trying to get them to go through a hole in a chainlink fence. They pictured themselves as small pink worms and tried to go through the fence, but they instead knocked it over. I crawled out of the hedges over through the fallen fence and onto a tennis court. A black man was stirring a huge cauldron full of something. He looked at me.

A guy with very messy hair walked toward me from across the court. I noticed a knife, a dart, and a syringe on the ground nearby. I didn't want to pick them up, because I knew if I used weapons, the messy-haired guy would, too. I kicked them into the bushes. He smiled, his eyes glowing, and the weapons appeared in his hands. I tried to convince him not to throw them at me, but he only laughed. He threw the knife and missed me as I ran away, dodging. He also missed with the syringe. he threw the dart and hit me in the arm as I jumped back over the fallen fence. several evil presences followed me as I ran along the top of a network of stone walls separating yards in a neighborhood. I found a huge, heavy brick and threw it at one of them, but they changed it in midflight into a soft substance, and it bounced harmlessly away.

I ran into a building, into a narrow dark blue room. I saw a door that opened in two sections, divided horizontally. a girl in the room wanted to leave. another girl was missing. I opened the top half of the door, and saw that it led to a small closet lined with red brick. I turned around, and realized there was something in the closet. I glanced down over the top of the lower door, and saw a very ugly evil man crouched in the lower half of the closet. his eyes protruded from his face as he rose. I jumped over the door onto him and stomped his face back down, but he was cheating, and wouldn't die.

The evil presences who had been chasing me burst into another door of the room. One was a very tall man with a large hairstyle. I ran through a doorway, and found the man with the cauldron. I ran to the far wall, pressing myself against it, and said, "I give up. everyone's cheating but I'm not able to. what are you guys going to do with me if you catch me?"

Just then, a friend of mine from high school walked in. "you don't want to play any more? ok. what did you lose?" He noticed the wound on my arm from the dart, and with a straight pin, re-attached some skin I'd lost.

The Slides
I was at some sort of day camp, possibly related to a sport. My mother was in charge of a group of women on one team, and I was there to run errands for her. Everyone was eating barbecued things.

One woman caught my attention. She was actually getting fatter as she ate. Others around her jokingly muttered, "Not again." Once she had become quite large, she began to dance around, and fell to the ground. A strange smile spread across her face, and she began running toward a nearby lake. A bridge spanned the lake, and I had a memory of standing on it looking down at the water at some point. The woman reached the water and jumped in. She immediately disappeared beneath the surface. I thought I was the only one who noticed, but when I turned around, everyone in the area was moving toward the water with one woman leading them, a determined expression on her face. She seemed to be angry at the water. As people reached the shore and began jumping in, the scene turned to chaos. People were drowning everywhere. Yet more kept moving into the water to help others. My mom was near the shore, and was one of the few still standing. I cautiously walked into the water near where she stood, intending to ask her what was going on. The water was much deeper than it seemed, however, and I was instantly in over my head. My shoes stuck in the mud at the bottom, and it seemed that the like itself was actually trying to drown me. I pulled frantically at my feet, trying to jump to the surface about a foot above me, but I couldn't. Calming down, I pulled my feet out of my shoes and removed the gloves I had been wearing. I swam to the shore, being careful not to touch bottom, and climbed out of the water.

Later, I was with others in a lodge or cabin that looked like a sort of restaurant. We were talking about the incident. A woman commented that it was sad that people died, but it was worth it. I didn't understand what she meant.

The scene changed, and I was with a few people my age in a small room with several washing machines and about a foot of mud on the floor. The mud must have been from the lake, as it was pulled at our feet with every step. I was sitting on a machine, and suggested that we go to 'the slides.' Several people looked at me as if my suggestion were incredible.

I've encountered the slides before in another past dream. They are located in a There is a large underground swimming pool area that is dark with dim bluegreen lights in various places. Pipelines and nettgin run along the walls. On the cement pool deck are round holes about 5 feet wide. A plastic liner forms a tunnel in each one, and water pours down the tunnel with you as you slide. On the wall above each hole are carved symbols and names of different 'gods' and 'demons.' The tunnels lead almost straight vertically downward to another very deep pool below, and upon reaching the end of a tunnel, you must throw something into the symbol of a corresponding entity on the wall of the lower room. Something very bad will happen to those who don't comply. I don't believe this, and have dared to go down the tunnel before without fulfilling the requirement.

A few of us went down to the pool. One girl jumped into one of the holes right away, reaching the lower area in just a few seconds. Her voice was suddenly in my mind, asking, "Quick, what's the Greek name of ____ (a demon's name)?" I didn't know the answer, and I don't know what became of her. A fat guy went next. When he reached the bottom, he cried out in pain. Alarmed, two others jumped into a single tunnel, and I was sure one was going to land on the other at the bottom. I jumped last, and when I reached the bottom only the fat guy was there. He seemed fine.

Later, however, I was in a hospital room, and the fat guy was in traction and covered in bandages and casts.
I was with a group of people in an empty room, and somehow one of us broke through a wall. We were suprised to discover another room beyond the wall that was inaccessible in any other way. Across the ceiling of the opposite wall of this new room was a metal beam painted with yellow and black (construction) stripes. The wall under the beam was made of some sort of stiff foam. we dug through the foam and found yet another hidden room beyond it.

Later, our group was swimming along a narrow winding pool that zigzagged over a great distance. Having found the hidden rooms, we were trying to find a secret exit in the pool. One guy in the group was younger than the others. He wanted to learn how to discover these secret exits, but no one would tell him. We planned to tell him eventually, but wanted to tease him first by giving him misleading hints.

We came upon a patch of rainbow-colored foam floating on top of the water in one corner. Whenever we found an exit, our hair changed color on one side, so we thought that the younger guy might be more successful if he colored his hair with this rainbow foam. Several others placed a pile of the foam on his head and rubbed it in, changing his hair color.

We eventually found an exit that led to a shower in a bathroom of a house. It seemed that the new guy hadn't made it through. In my mind I saw him emerge into a different shower, so he had been separated from us.

Every time we traveled through an exit, the first letter of our names changed into a strange character.

I was later talking to a man about these exits, and I said that I wished they were easier to find. He explained that you could see them until 12:30pm. I imagined being on a street and seeing several faint green spots in different places that gradually faded into lines and disappeared.

Again searching for exits, I was in a shower with the water running. I rammed my shoulder into the wall five times and then fell through the wall into another shower. This one was in a dusty storage room that contained a lawn mower. I passed through another wall in this room and emerged into another shower with brightly colored tile. I stepped out of it into a small, nicely decorated bathroom. I realized that I was in someone's house and heard footsteps as I quickly stepped into the shower and back through the wall. I was afraid that the wall hadn't closed fast enough and they might have seen it partway open.

Later, I was in a crowded place. A mean-looking man with a beard looked at me and smiled knowingly. He had evidently followed me through an exit from another world and planned to cause trouble in my world.
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