sometime in 1994 . . .
The Egg Dwellers

From my bedroom, I heard a low, ominous, pulse-like sound somewhere in the house. I walked cautiously down the hall toward the kitchen, where the sound seemed to be louder. Everything was dark, and as I entered the kitchen I saw that it was arranged oddly and the room was larger than normal. The counters were piled high with boxes and appliances, forming a sort of maze. The pulse sound was not especially loud but it filled the room.

Turning a corner of the maze, I came upon a small lighted aquarium containing a single blowfish. The fish puffed in and out in time with the pulse. Something evil was in the room.

My eyes were drawn to the dishwasher, and I knew that the evil presence was inside. I opened it and saw a miniature man reclined in a drinking glass. He looked up at me with solid white eyes and said, "We are the egg dwellers." This statement filled me with dread, and I then noticed other similar creatures among the dishes. I quickly closed the dishwasher and turned it on. Stepping back, I realized that doing that had been a bad idea.

The Batman Show

My family was sitting in pews in a church. The pulpit was off to the left rather than centered, and someone had just finished speaking and stepped down. A man with black curly hair, a moustache, and a beard then got up to speak. He wore what looked like a metallic lavender necktie as a headband. His words were incoherent, mostly stuttering and nervous laughter. When he stepped down, a few scattered people clapped. Others hesitantly joined in the applause. I looked at the bishop, who was in the congregation. He soon begin to clap as well. I hadn't joined in before because it is quite unusual to clap during a church meeting, but I then did. Soon everyone was clapping, and many were whistling and yelling.

The room suddenly went dark and the applause subsided. On the stand, smoke rose from the floor. A person with an enormous cape descended slowly and diagonally from the ceiling, posing like a superhero. Colored spotlights trained on the caped figure and a very deep voice began making some sort of announcement. The cape fell to the floor, revealing that there had actually been two people behind it. When they reached the floor, they began a slow-motion dance. The lights suddenly turned back on and the smoke disappeared. The dancers were men wearing Batman costumes. One costume was black and the other white. They continued their dance, which included a back-to-back somersault and other acrobatics.

Later, after the show, I was standing backstage with a janitor. Rather than the chapel, it was now a normal full-sized stage at one end of a high-school gym. The janitor was explaining to me how they were able to use copyrighted Batman items in the show. On the walls were painted different trademarks and logos, including Metallica. The janitor explained that if the people on stage crossed the names, they wouldn't be sued. I imagined a motorcycle riding up the wall over the word Metallica.

Just then, a gym instructor walked up to the stage from the gym floor. Hands on his hips, he glared at us. From across the room, I heard obnoxious laughter. Someone had pushed a wheeled cart toward the gym instructor.

Later, I was outside in a grassy area surrounded by large trees. An enormous playground was nearby, which included a spinning wall on some sort of underground turntable. Standing on the turntable on one side of the wall was a short old woman with a small dog. On the other side of the wall was a large lizard. I felt as if I needed to shove a cart toward the old woman and hit her with it. She looked harmless, but was an evil witch.

A girl standing beside me held a movie ticket in one hand and something very valuable in the other hand. I asked her if I could borrow the ticket, but she said that she needed it for her younger brother's operation. I promised to buy her a new one if I destroyed it. She handed it to me and kissed me. She told me to be sure not to hurt the dog next to the old woman, and I assured her that I wouldn't. I realized that it was actually the lizard that I needed to hit.

Later, I was walked into a small room with white, textured walls. There appeared to be no ceiling, as I could see the cloudy blue sky. I reached up my hands to find that the sky was painted on the ceiling. [r]'s voice laughed and said something. Someone was in the room with me. I then knew that [r] had some sort of magic power and that I did, too. I would be trapped, as would the other person in the room with me, unless I could get us out. Attempting to use willpower to dissolve the walls and ceiling, I merely raised the temperature in the room slightly.

The Fitness Center

Three friends and I were at a fitness center, in an upper story of the building. Two extremely long slides ran parallel from where we stood to the ground. The slides were separated by a smooth dirt median. Our trip down the slides took several minutes, and there were many steep drop-offs on the way down. It was fun to go fast. Other people were also using the slides, some moving very slowly. I discovered that I could avoid running into them by moving left and right between the slides. Crossing the dirt section created dust clouds but didn't slow my momentum at all.

When we reached the bottom, my friends decided to go inside and do something else. I decided to go down the slides a few more times. Each time, to reach the top again, I entered the building at the ground floor and passed through a room with a television where a group of people danced. I had to jump over the corner of a square pool that was in the middle of the floor. It seemed as if I had to jump farther each time I passed through the room.

As I started down the slide again, I noticed a lot of elderly couples going down side-by-side on both slides, holding hands. They sat up straight and moved very slowly. I realized that if I built up enough speed, I could jump over them at the drop-offs. I would fall about 15 feet and land on the slide again, maintaining my speed.

I entered the building to slide again, and saw my friends in the television room. The crowd has grown. Everyone was dressed formally, and it seemed that there was about to be a baptism in the pool. I tried to cross the corner of the pool as usual, but the distance was much too great this time. I tried to walk along a small ledge against the wall, and some people even tried to help me across, but I couldn't make it without falling in the water. I finally gave up and walked into another room, a video game arcade. That room was also crowded, and had a reddish glow. I overheard some people talking about how they might get caught for something that they were about to do.

Suddenly, a large television in the center of the room turned on. It showed the arcade with lots of colored lights flashing and a rock band playing on a stage. A middle-aged man in a business suit stood out from the others. He was staring mindlessly. I knew he was some sort of official, possibly a mayor. A young man of about 19 walked up to the official and asked him something. Without turning his head or even changing his glazed expression, the official held out a large keyring full of keys. This was somehow very bad.

The Field

I was standing with several other people in a field of tall brown grass. Cars and trucks slowly circled us. I had skis that hovered above the ground, and I let a friend use them. He preferred them to his car. After a while, the front of one of the circling cars was suddenly smashed flat by a large unknown object.

A group of small animals slept in the grass nearby. The scene changed to a chart of different animal lifespans, and a woman's voice narrated. She said that the amount of time an animal sleeps depends on the ratio of its age to its total lifespan. The scene changed to a cage containing a rabbit wearing a bonnet. The rabbit looked real at first but upon closer inspection became a cartoon. It picked up a rock and threw it at a water bottle hanging on the wall of the cage.

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